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Behind The Beard

Here at Red Beard, we believe that our coffee is more than a cup, it's a connection. Every customer we serve is valuable and important. We all have a story, and its our hope that we will get to share a little piece in yours.

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Here's a little of our story:

Born and raised in Dodge City, KS, owner Clinton Conant, aka Red Beard, grew up in a family of coffee lovers. He later discovered a deeper appreciation for specialty craft coffee through his friendship with Blip Roasters(KC) owner Ian Davis. At the same time, he had also begun to help serve as one of the pastors at The Gathering church in Dodge City,KS. It wasn't long before he began to realize the connection between coffee and his love for people. Coffee brings people together, and he wanted to create a space where that could happen. He believes God then began awakening a dream in his heart.

Having worked successfully for his father in law in the plumbing industry for over 15 years, leaving it all and opening a coffee shop seemed crazy and impossible. But God provided every step of the way, and Clinton chose to move in faith and left the business to pursue his vision. His passion for people, and quality coffee all came together in what is now Red Beard Coffee.

From the beginning Clinton knew the shop had to be about family. In fact, the Red Beard eye patch came from his alias- Captain Red Beard Shovel Hand, a pirate name given to him by his four children. This symbol is now a constant reminder to him to have fun and keep family the focus. Red Beard's family-his wife, Courtney, and their four children, Sophie, Rory, Tilly, and McCoy can often be seen around the shop. Family isn't just his personal family. It's the baristas, the customers, even the delivery guys, all belong to the Red Beard crew.

From the design, the product, the prayer wall, to the care that goes into the daily details, it's our hope and desire that when you walk in, it feels like home. Our motto is coffee, community, connection, but the heartbeat is love. Come be a part of our story, our family, for in this placed you are loved.

Red Beard is located in Dodge City, KS, in the downtown historical district. The building space used to be the old Briar and Hale Music shop.

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Italian Trulli

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